Free Range Chicken Dinner-250g

Free Range Chicken Dinner-250g

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The “Give a Dog a Bone” original, made with succulent cuts of muscle meat, organ meat, and bones from the tastiest free-range chickens around. Pure chicken goodness, with fresh leafy greens, fruit, veggies, and natural supplements.

Registration No: V26510 Act 36/1947


Chicken, Vegetables, Fruit, Yoghurt, Egg, Apple Cider Vinegar, Herbs and Kelp

Nutritional Information

Guaranteed Analysis (%)

Crude Protein

10 (min)


75 (max)

Crude Fat

2.5 (min)

Crude Fibre

1 (max)


7 (max)


*Please note: This product is only available in Cape Town. 
**Due to the nature of the product, it can take 5-7 working days from order to deliver this product.

***When introducing a new diet for your pet, it is best to introduce gradually to determine if there are any allergies or food intolerance. 

If in doubt, consult with your veterinarian